About me

I’m sort of new here, my Name Is JJ, I’m very artistic and love many things. I mainly draw anime stuff , but I draw other things. I’m actually kind and funny so, it’ll be a pleasure to make some new friends. I am also sort of timid, because I need to get used to new things, but once I get adjusted I get along nicely. That’s basically all I have to say about myself so I hope to make some new friends, so see ya.

My hobbies are playing videogames

Naruto ShippudenFinal-Fantasy-DissidiaSSBB

reading mangas         soul-eater-manga-cover-pic-volume-1

drawing and computer editing my drawings

A Heroes Heart.

A Heroes Heart.


Guardian Eater Kira And Jason Cosplay. Jason is my character, but Kira is my friends character. Jason is cosplaying as Soul and Kira is cosplaying as Maka. My friend and I are partners in creating a manga that I thought of making. So I couldn’t have gotten so far in my manga without her help.


Celestial Warrior Mushra. ( Shinzo)

Celestial Warrior Mushra. ( Shinzo)

I love making gifs



Spirit Evolution

Spirit EvolutionDeath-Bttle---Kazemon-VS-Dark-Magician-Girl-2


My inspiration is anime,  mangas and my family because when I was younger I would wtch a bunch of animes like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade, Naruto, Kakaisi,etc. My family is very artistic, if there was a ranking of artists for my family, I rank fourth on my list. The third would be my cousin, 2nd my aunt, and 1st my mom. It’s been hard catching up to them so far I’m beating my cousin. Lastly I would always read mangas which has so manydesigns details and a bunch more. Mangas also inspired me to start to make my own manga series. I got into graphic design because Iwanted to give mor life to my artwork and hone my skills as a creative person.

The things I technically struggle with are in drawing hands, feet, clothes, and eyes. In gif making it is time management and in manga making it’s coming up with new ideas for the manga. Yet I never give up in striving to be a great artist Believe It!!

My philosphy of my artwork is just to have some fun. Go in head first and keep on drawing. That’s my philosphy.

Some thing I didn’t learn in graphic design class was sprite making and gif making.

Well thats enough about myself so I’ll be chatting with you guys whenever, so see ya.


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